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About Us

About Us

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Registered in April 2009 against the difficulties encountered by Learners in homes of Low Income Earners. We provide short skills training and occupational certifications to meet the skills needs of the workplace. Distance Learning commenced in September 2009 as Learners became interested in the vision of the college. Effective contact classes began in February 2010 as Learners streamed into our premises for inquiries and registration formalities. International certifications were admonished, and Learners got high paying jobs upon graduation. Drop out rate has been minimal, approximately 18%. In 2011 drop out rates reduced as Learners began to understand and fall in love with our cumulative teaching blocks methodology. Monitoring of Learners and Facilitators by the Quality Assurance Manager and Academic Board has been constant and progress has been recorded positively. We believe the quality education we offer is based on the quality of our assessments. We continue to identify the skill needs of the country and align our programmes to meet demand. Our Learners are trained on right lines to meet both individual and societal needs. The journey continue.

Unlimited Possibilities at JCC

Earning your Certificate or Diploma or Degree online or via distance learning with Johannesburg City College is extremely enticing.


To empower the individual towards the convergence of the world through sustainable educational design based on andragogy and omniology..

JCC Mission

To be a Learning institution concerned about educating learners for a brighter future, empowering Learners to think and do for self and community benefits. Providing education at a low cost, being an abode to the poor, needy and those who were brought low in South Africa from a historical perspective. Open to all ages and stages, without discrimination of race, sex, nationality or class. Promoting diversity and high attainments in every endeavour.


Science is yet to discover the precise mechanism by which humans learn. We of JCC believe that learning is more endogenous (from within) rather than exogenous. We seek to promote both endogenous and exogenous learning and we motivate our Learners. We educate our Learners on right lines not only filling their minds with subject concepts but building a strong moral framework on which they can base their decision making. We encourage collaborative learning using the Socratic Method, created with the purpose of satisfying individual needs and providing personal development for each Learner.JCC is an institution of experiential learning and Learner-centred education.


Our goal is to provide quality education at low cost to previously disadvantaged communities. Our programmes encourage Learners to demonstrate competency in their areas of specialization, carrying out projects and researches in their domain of study. We provide opportunities for all ages and stages to better themselves using their own potential to manage their personal, global and cultural development. This is actualized through the continuous evaluation methodologies institutionalized by the Academic Board and Council. This especially exemplifies the capacity of JCC to sustain results-based performance. The foundational axis of such a philosophy lies upon self-actualised knowledge and information, with no room for obsoleteness, which is embedded in our learning systems based on andragogy and omniology. The ultimate goal of this paradigm is to empower Learners and help them take advantage of world resources in order to eliminate or alleviate the current continuum of poverty and limitations. Everything taking place at JCC fosters diversity, human and community rights through experiences, practicum work and examinations; while the Quality Assurance Manager monitors learning processes so we can harmoniously reach Learner satisfaction and the progress of both institution and humanity.


We place rationale on the premise of education, from the Latin word “educare” which means “to pull out” rather than “digging and placing information” in Learners. We reinvent education so that it becomes intertwined with environmental needs and skills shortage. JCC is integrated into the “real world” – the society and the economy to develop a holistic human being. We get Learners deeply immersed into a daily praxis of paradigm shifts as the economy is highly volatile. We create “the desire to adventure” in Learners through outdoor activities.It is our sincere hope that upon exit from the institution, the Learners are well equipped for the challenge ahead of them. Growth without pains is impossible.


To provide Academic preparation of the highest quality while addressing the needs of our Learners by grounding the academic programmes on an outcome-based learning systems. We utilize the RPL instrument to offer accelerated time frame programmes. To encourage freedom of inquiry and free exchange of ideas among Learners, Faculty, Administration and Staff of JCC. To combine theory and practice – this prepares Learners for Leadership responsibilities. To provide the necessary support for Learners to successfully complete the programme of study and to overcome any completion deficiencies. To maintain our excellent academic reputation – quality education to the poorest of the poor. To adhere to the basic right of education as outlined in the declaration of human rights, by providing an affordable alternative to achieve educational goals for a broad spectrum of people worldwide from different societal and economic backgrounds. To instill into our learners a sense of confidence and self reliance in their ability to access an ever expanding global community. To empower Learners and help them take advantage of the enormous array of resources in the world’s environment to eliminate poverty, unemployment and limitations. To intensify the use of technology to stay at the cutting edge of modernization and global advancement.

Everything at JCC

Earning your Certificate or Diploma or Degree online or via distance learning with Johannesburg City College is extremely enticing.

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